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Sunday, June 15, 2008

_Comic Sans Micro Exhibition

Everyone knows this so-called worst illegible typeface Comic Sans. Comic Sans is a casual script typeface designed by Vincent Connare and released in 1994 by the Microsoft Corporation. It is classified as a casual, non-connecting script, and was designed to imitate comic book lettering, for casual use in informal documents. Comic Sans has become the subject of a campaign by some designers to limit or eliminate its use, on the grounds that (as typographic purists claim) it is poorly designed and that its inclusion in the Microsoft system fonts package lends itself to inappropriate use—for example, as a text face in documents or at large sizes in signage. There are several campaign to ban the font itself; Here, we are finally decided to create a small exhibition for Comic Sans in typographic art that was selected from several artists.
_Notable Uses of Comic Sans
  • It was used as the font for the text inside the tags of Beanie Babies.It is the font used for the house style of UCI Cinema literature and publicity.
  • It is used for the description on Hershey’s chocolate bars.
  • It is used in The Sims for text in text boxes.It is used in the liner notes of the CD reissues of The Savage Rose albums.
  • It is used for the subtitles and the majority of other text in the video games Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.
  • It is used to display text in the Xbox 360 game Viva PiƱata.It is used in the current Portugal national basketball team uniform.
  • It was used for the description on the back of the DVD case for Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.
  • It is used for the sign on Brandy’s doghouse in Hamtaro.
  • It was the subject of much hostility for the characters of an Achewood comic
  • The font was used in 2004 Canada Day 25-cent collector coin.
  • It was used in Sin City dialogue texts.It is often used in Adult Literacy Education and ESOL/ESL for Students with Dyslexia [Wiki]

I’m Childish
Fight to the bitter endComic Sans: 3D

We are cuter than Comic Sans
Comic Sans FlowComic: The Fox Jumps Over The Lazy

Comic Sans Neighborhood
Having Sex with Comic Sanscomic3.jpg

Eeney Meeney Moo

I love
The CatComic Sans

Comic Sans with Grids
From left to Right Up to Bottom:
  • I’m Sorry Because I’m Childish by Vektorscksprjkt
  • Fight to the bitter end by Achi DS
  • Comic Sans 3D by Creatorium
  • We are cuter than Comic Sans by Loveshugah
  • The Flow Comic Sans by TFDC
  • Comic: When the fox jumps over the lazy by Deetz.
  • Having Sex with Comic Sans by Aditya4Art.
  • Comic Sans Neighborhood by Danis Sie.
  • Jumps over the moon by Carment Rino
  • Eeney Meeney Moo by Achi DS.
  • Used To Be by Jaki Arifin.
  • Imagination by Nady Design
  • Ilove my Comic Sans by Thomas Dian.
  • Cat by Chekovskie.
  • Comic Sans MS by Stupiedit
  • Comic Sans & Grids by Danis Sie.

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